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Aluminum is Melted
Our proprietary process allows us to use diverted scrap aluminum. Once the process is complete the properties of the aluminum are refreshed.
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"Your zeal for growth through technological advancement is a welcome addition to Ohio's economy. You exemplify the entrepreneurial and competitive spirit of our community, state and nation." Josh Mandel - State Treasurer of Ohio

Lightweight Materials with higher wear ability and strength are needed to keep the automotive industry competitive making it the perfect opportunity for Aluminastic.
Industrial and Commercial
The industrial and commercial applications for Aluminastic is unlimited. From screws to girders and everything in between the possibilities are endless.
Lightweight Materials with higher wear ability and strength are needed to keep the automotive industry competitive making it the perfect opportunity for Aluminastic.
Medical Industry
Aluminastic is seeking partnerships within the medical industry to help meet the challenges of advanced medical care through material research.
Particles Are Added
Once the aluminum becomes molten the maximum amount of enhancement particles are added in a precisely timed manor to allow a homogeneous mix.
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A Reaction is Induced
Once the particles are mixed our patented process begins by utilizing custom equipment to induce a reaction previously thought to be impossible.
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The Possibilities
Metal is Cooled and Molded
The finished material is ready to be poured and cast. After each production run samples are collected and tested for quality.
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How We Do It
What We Do
On Track for Standardization
Conforming to standards. Gaining certification and designation for our materials is in the works.
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National Recognition
Check out our CNN special report of Green Business on Inside Business with Fred Thompson.
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Award Winning Innovation
Aluminastic has won an impressive amount of awards. Click below to view our online trophy room.
Our Awards
Aluminastic Wins the Race
We Designed a lighter more durable racing hub for Chase Wheels. On the race track every pound counts.
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Our facility allows us to manufacture raw material as well as custom formed products. We are researching nano-particle enhanced metals and alloys for automotive, aerospace, industrial and medical fields.
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Welcome to Aluminastic Corporation
Our Process is a patented and proven technique that was originally thought to be impossible. Custom hardware, software, and machinery allows us to closely control product quality and composition.
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Through research and development we strive to use diverted materials in all processing. Our market potential creates an avenue for high quality U.S. jobs that are both green and innovative.
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Aluminastic Corporation uses a unique process that allows us to incorporate various elements into the matrix and grain structure of metals. Providing custom alloys with never before seen properties.
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